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Chimney problems with Gas Appliances

If you have a gas furnace and/or gas water heater in your home that may be venting into your chimney, you should seriously consider having a certified chimney sweep inspect the venting system ASAP. LuckyBrush can verify if your chimney is serving gas heating appliances.

Carbon monoxide is a common product of the combustion of gas fuel. The venting system for these gas appliances is designed to safely remove the toxic products of combustion from the heating appliance to the outside atmosphere. When a masonry chimney is serving the gas appliance(s), the chimney should be inspected to insure it is not damaged, dirty, deteriorating, or blocked, in which case the exhaust may be entering the home instead of being released to the outside. This situation can occur even in chimneys of todays newer, more "airtight" homes. The chimneys of older homes are especially susceptible to these problems as well, due to installations of 80% + efficient furnaces being vented into them. Those newer appliances require smaller flues in order to vent properly. When exhaust gases are released into a large, cool flue cavity, the gases can cool, and condensate on the inner flue wall. This can substantially deteriorate the flue lining, possibly forcing toxic gases back into the home. Gas water heaters sometimes have difficulty when the new furnace is vented elswhere, leaving the water heater to vent alone into the large, cool, flue . With no chimney cap present at the top, entry by leaves and/or debris, or even animals can cause a blockage.

Serious health related issues as a result of a chimney venting problem can include dizziness, headaches, fatigue, unconsiousness, and/or death. These health issues threaten the worst during the heating season, but can happen otherwise if the appliance runs all year long (like a gas water heater). 

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