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Below are some of the services we provide, & products we install.


Sweeping is the mechanical removal of flammable deposits inside the flue of your venting system. The process varies slightly depending on the type of chimney & appliance being serviced, but We generally follow a six step process : Preliminary Examination, Inside Preparation, Rooftop Cleaning & Examination, Inside Cleaning, Final Examination, & Customer Review. We always provide a thirty point, level one inspection report when your chimney is swept. An additional service that I provide is a closed circuit video inspection that will better assure you of the condition of your chimney flue, & is now available for an additional fee. We always treat all of your property like it's our own, so rest assured, all work is completed without dirtying your home.

Chimney Safety Institute of America


We install, service & inspect venting systems for clothes dryers . Cleaning removes the flammable lint (see picture above) that can build up inside the duct & reduce the efficiency of the clothes dryer or ignite causing a house fire. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are around 15,500 dryer vent fires each year, so have yours cleaned today!


Every Chimney needs a cap. My premium chimney caps are made of 100% stainless steel, or copper, & come standard with a lifetime warranty. We stock the most common sizes right inside the service vehicle so they can be installed on site, & are the highest quality available, anywhere. They come in different shapes & sizes, & are guaranteed never to rust or deteriorate. Chimney caps add beauty & value to your home while keeping water, leaves/debris, and animals from entering your home through the chimney. Water entering the chimney can cause expensive damage to the structure. Animals & debris entering the chimney can cause a blockage, which is a major fire or carbon monoxide hazard. We also have replacement fireplace dampers available to mount on top of your chimney. Equipped with an air tight, high temperature seal, they too come in many different sizes, & are also lifetime warranted. We can also order custom sized chimney caps that will fit any chimney top, even the most odd shaped. Chimney caps are one of the best things you can do for your chimney.



Flue linings are a very important part of your chimney because their job is to escort all the toxic smoke & fumes safely to the outside atmosphere. If they are damaged, deteriorating, or dirty, they might not be performing their duty properly which can lead to a house fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Some chimneys may not even have a flue lining. We install lifetime warranted, stainless steel chimney liners for wood burning that come in many different shapes & sizes (see picture above). We also install lining systems for gas and oil appliances. They are one peice flexible corrigated liners that we insulate and slide inside the existing chimney. We can recommend a properly sized lining system that best fits your needs. My chimney liners come standard with a lifetime warranty & are installed & maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and NFPA 211 code. All chimneys must be lined, so keep us in mind for all your chimney lining needs. Whether its 150 years old or brand new, your chimney should be inspected to insure that the flue lining is there, and in good condition.




We perform minor to major masonry chimney "surgery". From tuckpointing, to restoration, We take the time to do the work right. We have extensive experience with chimney crowns, from minor cracking repair (see pictures above), to forming & pouring a full five inch thick concrete crown on top of a masonry chimney. We utilize a line of elastomeric crown, flashing, & mortar repair products (pictured below) and breathable waterproofing materials that are all specially designed for chimneys & carry the industry's best warranties. And we stock these items in the service van so we can install these products on site. Our professional tuckpointing repair (see pictures above) is second to none, & when We are done, your chimney will be like new again. Got spalling or flaking bricks? We can remove individual bricks and replace them. Let's not forget the inside of your fireplace. We are experts in firebox repair & restoration. We can even replace the refractory panels inside your factory built fireplace. P>



We have a large variety of hearth products available including wood racks, grates, poker sets, fire screens, glass doors, ash recepticle doors, cleanout doors, ash buckets & much more! You can order any of these products & many more directly from us. Call today.



We provide sales, installation, and service of wood burning inserts, freestanding woodstoves, gas fireplace inserts, gas stoves, vented gas logs, & pellet stoves including quality brand names like Osburn, Kozi, U.S. Stove, Monessen, Lexington Forge, Security Fireplace, Hargrove & more. You can contact us & schedule a meeting to discuss different options that are available, or to find out where you can see an appliance in person. We only provide the very best quality appliances.



Does your gas log set look old and dirty with black carbon soot coating the logs? We can clean the logs, remove & replace the burning embers and accesories to make your gas fireplace like new again (or better). we have premium gas log sets with lifetime warranties available. As a Certified CSST gas line installer, we can handle any installation. Just think, your gas fireplace will once again impress your guests, & bring warmth & beauty back to your gathering place!

We are not in business for ourselves, we are in business for you & strive to provide you the best possible customer service. This includes answering, & returning calls. We are experts in all things chimney or fireplace. Installation or restoration, no job is too big nor too small. Some of our services aren't listed on this page so even if you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call, we can either help you or point you in the right direction. Even if you just have questions or need advice about safe burning practices, we are here to help. If you have a chimney, we recommend a yearly inspection (even gas logs!), & sweeping when needed to be sure that your heating system is in good shape & ready to do its job. Please take the time now to contact us, we won't pressure you.

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